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Children of DuneChildren of Dune by Frank Herbert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where Messiah was clearly an in-between and a capstone to whatever Paul was attempting, Children picks up the pieces and jumbles them together into a new tale. It starts off a bit jarring having familiar characters thrust into not wholly applicable roles, but once the dust has settled around them it becomes way more confident about its direction.

In many ways than one, it becomes more physical again even though it maintains its focus on the metaphysical aspects. The physical aspect becoming even a bit of a trump card at the end. I can see how this would clash especially with the way the setting has been subtly built into this kind of balance. But the upheaval of said balance with something that feels straight out of toy-based cartoon series actually works in its favour. Physical transformation runs through the setting in the background and having it thrust into the foreground in a spectacular way balances the lot.

Really enjoyable, but I can see how for some the series can “end” here.

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