The Fearsome Floors of Finstere Flüre

Finstere Flüre

If you’ve ever played Chu-Chu Rocket! then you might have a very slight advantage into getting to grips with Finstere Flüre (or Fearsome Floors in English). In this board game you try to get your group of characters to escape a dungeon, but there’s a monster on the loose who will home in on the nearest hapless escapee for dinner. And it’s this aspect that allows you to somewhat influence where the monster will strike next.

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The Metroid tribute: Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex

“This is not the greatest Metroid in the world. This is just a tribute.”

Shadow Complex for Xbox Live Arcade couldn’t be more of a love-letter to Nintendo’s venerable action-adventure even if it tried. From the moment you are handed the reins, it’s like you’re back in Super Metroid‘s Crateria area descending into a hidden base of unknown technology again. And for the most part, the game manages to keep that vibe strung throughout itself.

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WipEout HD AD

WipEout HD

I just downright love WipEout HD. Yet, it suffered some serious neglect after other games were released right after its launch last year. Small wonder then, that when the Fury expansion was announced, I used it a springboard to return to its clean utopian anti-gravity racing tracks. There are multiple reasons why I like the game and oddly enough one of them received quite some flak the last couple of days:advertisements.

Wait, hold on, did I just say I liked advertisements in WipEout?

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Metroid Prime’s alien progression

Metroid Prime

Last week a friend of mine started playing Metroid Prime for the first time. While he enjoyed the game immensely, to me it was a bit of revelation to watch him play. I never experienced Metroid Prime as Metroid Prime. I always experienced it as “that game that came after Super Metroid“. As a result I blazed through the game. I never really stopped and thought about things.

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Playing Pandemic


What you really need to know: Pandemic is one of the most fun board games I’ve played in quite some time. With that out of the way, let me explain.

Players are part of team of experts frantically trying to stop four viruses from causing a devastating pandemic (how topical). Reading between the lines, that means that Pandemic is a co-operative game. There’s no competition between you and your fellows, just a nagging feeling that even when you put your heads together, things can still go horribly wrong.

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Spellborn ratings

Our little game The Chronicles of Spellborn seems to be approved by the press in general. The ratings hover between 7s and 8s, and I have yet to hear anyone slating it completely (cue people pointing me towards an overly negative review). Though there are lots of comments about the game not being perfect (trust me, we feel the same pain there), the alternative combat system is seen as a good thing.

One of the things that, as a writer, made me smile was that one of the reviews commented on the “typically Dutch humour” present, while another spoke of “typically British humour”. Typical indeed!

It is far from over though. We are still working on the game as if the release never happened. There is still so much that we want to have in there… But hey, that is the very nature of a MMO game; it’s a service, not a product.

I’ll update the list as I stumble upon more ratings.