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Month: January 2009

Spellborn fan-made video

It seems a YouTube-member/TCOS-player by the name of lumay2u was pretty happy with the looks of The Chronicles of Spellborn and created a video to emphasize that opinion. Really cool to see people putting this much effort into the game as well!

Spellborn ratings

Our little game The Chronicles of Spellborn seems to be approved by the press in general. The ratings hover between 7s and 8s, and I have yet to hear anyone slating it completely (cue people pointing me towards an overly negative review). Though there are lots of comments about the game not being perfect (trust me, we feel the same pain there), the alternative combat system is seen as a good thing. One of the things that, as a writer, made me smile was that one of the reviews commented on the “typically Dutch humour” present, while another spoke of “typically…