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Month: August 2016

European colonialism as a game setting

Developer Wispfire doesn’t want to keep quiet, deny, or forget the world’s colonial past—it wants you to be a part of it. It wants to simulate experience, and teach you “something about yourself and the world around you,” Witsel said. With (Dutch) colonialism frequently overlooked during my own school time, I find it more than intriguing to find the topic being handled as the setting for a game called Herald. In my opinion, the entire “Zwarte Piet” discussion is a result of the “keep mum about intolerance, to look tolerant” movement that’s been ingrained into Dutch culture, so putting it into…

Portfolio • VR Bootcamp

Floris and I are organising a VR Bootcamp in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The concept is rather simple: teach organisations and professionals the knowledge to make actual use of virtual reality, rather than ticking off the checkbox next to the letters V and R. To facilitate promotional materials, I expanded upon the Imaging Mind branding I tweaked last year: There’s some perverse pleasure in giving the people at FreedomLab a proper place in all of this, especially as they were often trying out the headset for the first time. Looking forward to expanding the applications to the bootcamp’s materials!