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Month: December 2016

Samurai Warriors 4 is a bowl of instant ramen

For many years people have watched Koei’s Warriors series of games and collectively shook their heads at it. So how could Samurai Warriors 4 possibly be fun? Battle after battle fighting against lifeless dumb soldiers while running around a random environment with the occasional similar sounding general uttering nonsensical battle cries.

Switching from macOS to Windows 10

This is a curious tale. Mostly because I started with switching over to an Alienware laptop for Virtual Reality purposes. Unfortunately, the HDD within the Alienware makes it horrendously slow for anything but gaming. ‘Luckily’, my Macbook Air decided to throw a fit and permanently disabled the Wi-Fi radio, leaving me with a non-portable work laptop. (In case you are wondering: Wi-Fi dongles are pretty much a no-no on any Mac. They simply lack the necessary drivers to make them work as it’s normally built in. Nobody creating these dongles gives one iota about keeping them updated for newer versions of macOS.)

So now I’m kind of stuck on a Toshiba Satellite. It’s SSD based, which means it’s workable (seriously, just skip HDD laptops, they’re basically obsolete). Actually, I was rather happy with it. Was. As now its Bluetooth radio gave up the ghost. Luckily, that is easy enough to repair with a random Bluetooth dongle. Still, it was an ominous  sign that I’m also back in the Windows mud.  It feels weird to be back.