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Microsoft’s next design cue

Late last year we reported on Project NEON – the upcoming UI upgrade for Windows 10. Recently we managed a closer look at Microsoft’s internal plans for Project NEON and the future of Windows 10’s UI (user-interface). Right of the bat I don’t want readers to be fooled by those who suggest this is a […]

Source: Exclusive: This is Project NEON, the upcoming incremental upgrade for Windows 10’s design – MSPoweruser

Now this, this I like.

It seems Microsoft is taking some design cues from Apple (most notably Apple Music on iOS, in terms of whitespace and typographic consistency) and merging them with the remnants of Windows’ Metro design.

The transparency effects are most likely still design cues to ground it in VR and AR surrounding, though I expect Windows Holographic to emphasise that more.

It’s merely a few screens and nothing is yet concrete, but it’s very heartening to see Microsoft salvage the best parts of their great UI experiment and whip them into shape. If they can focus the functionality of the OS similarly, Apple may finally get a proper opponent in the ring.

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