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The Sun’s space weather

In case melting poles and intensifying weather within the confines of our own planet wasn’t worrying enough, we also need to keep track of the Sun. Because it might just fire off some harsh “space weather”.

A solar storm, though, could be responsible for an off-the-charts economic disaster. Global Positioning Systems, satellite services and electronic communication systems are all at risk from the solar flares known as coronal mass ejections.

But it’s national power grids that are seen as the most vulnerable earthbound assets, with a risk that power surges will overload transformers which are both expensive and difficult to replace. Changes in the earth’s magnetic field interfere with electrical currents and blow large high-voltage transformers, which take at least five months to build and are bulky to transport.

Source: How Space Could Trigger a Future Economic Crisis – Bloomberg View

The Sun giveth, the Sun taketh away. You’d think we’ve come incredibly far as a species, only to still be at the mercy of our original faith-inspiring celestial body.

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