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Category: Blog

Axiom Verge as part of the Metroid lineage

Axiom Verge has been released for PS4 and with it, Metroidvania is suddenly one of the most talked about genres. Still, it’s not just praise that Axiom verge is harvesting. Having put in a delightful 10 hours so far, I kind of get where everybody is coming from and wrote that down at rllmukforum. Here’s a copy of the text in question explaining how I feel about Axiom Verge within the Metroid legacy.

Power Grid – Lean Startup lessons in a board game

Some time ago I got together with friends for some alcohol, snacks and board games. One game caught my attention in a way that was quite unexpected. That game was Power Grid (also known as ‘Funkenschlag’ in the original German or ‘Hoogspanning’ in Dutch). It’s not that I was new to the game. Far from it actually, but this time around it kind of slotted into place with some Lean Startup ideas.