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Downgrading my social media presence wasn’t the only thing on my mind. In the past months I’ve re-evaluated my reliance on digital services and products. Of course, when you do so things become real scary, real quick. Your agenda is most likely being maintained by a third party, not yourself. Likewise Facebook is most likely your Rolodex and birthday calendar in one. Your newspaper might be an RSS-reader or some sort of aggregating website. Basically, most online companies can plot my day, interests, and social network pretty accurately. Even then they still make mistakes (Facebook was for some reason convinced…

“The Problem with Video Game Luck”

Luck, RNG (“random number generator”), or chance is now an incredible force within games. As a child, chance is fascinating and somehow rolling dice seems to still convey control. Games like Ludo and Game of the Goose lose their shine as children become more experience and discover the true amount of control in rolling dice. Of course, in video games the equivalent of dice rolling is done behind the scenes and things become a lot more stressful. Somehow not being able to throw the dice yourself makes humans incredibly suspicious of the process, often crying wolf without reason: “When I was…

Switching from macOS to Windows 10

This is a curious tale. Mostly because I started with switching over to an Alienware laptop for Virtual Reality purposes. Unfortunately, the HDD within the Alienware makes it horrendously slow for anything but gaming. ‘Luckily’, my Macbook Air decided to throw a fit and permanently disabled the Wi-Fi radio, leaving me with a non-portable work laptop. (In case you are wondering: Wi-Fi dongles are pretty much a no-no on any Mac. They simply lack the necessary drivers to make them work as it’s normally built in. Nobody creating these dongles gives one iota about keeping them updated for newer versions of macOS.)

So now I’m kind of stuck on a Toshiba Satellite. It’s SSD based, which means it’s workable (seriously, just skip HDD laptops, they’re basically obsolete). Actually, I was rather happy with it. Was. As now its Bluetooth radio gave up the ghost. Luckily, that is easy enough to repair with a random Bluetooth dongle. Still, it was an ominous  sign that I’m also back in the Windows mud.  It feels weird to be back.

Back to Windows

For the last seven years, I’ve been working on Apple’s OS X and it’s been a blast. I was always a bit scared switching over as I would ‘miss out’ on a lot of things. It’s kind of strange to now switch back and discover the same kind of anxiety. You can easily get used to a different situation, I guess.

The frightening future of virtual reality

A few weeks ago I attended the first Dutch VR Meetup at the Rockstart-headquarters in Amsterdam. As the name indicates, the meetup was completely focused on the Oculus Rift and its brethren. Many headsets were present to provide a peek into virtual reality video images and computer generated worlds. Some of them even supported by strange contraptions.

My personal workflow changes of 2013

Changing your workflow can be a drag. Many apps and services are waiting to help you organise your life. Adding them clutters up your workflow, rather than streamlining it, causing you to fall back into old habits. The same goes for me unfortunately.

Still, here’s a recap of the notable changes in my workflow this past year (including games) which focused on cutting down, rather than adding.