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Power Grid – Lean Startup lessons in a board game

Some time ago I got together with friends for some alcohol, snacks and board games. One game caught my attention in a way that was quite unexpected. That game was Power Grid (also known as ‘Funkenschlag’ in the original German or ‘Hoogspanning’ in Dutch). It’s not that I was new to the game. Far from it actually, but this time around it kind of slotted into place with some Lean Startup ideas.

My personal workflow changes of 2013

Changing your workflow can be a drag. Many apps and services are waiting to help you organise your life. Adding them clutters up your workflow, rather than streamlining it, causing you to fall back into old habits. The same goes for me unfortunately.

Still, here’s a recap of the notable changes in my workflow this past year (including games) which focused on cutting down, rather than adding.

The Ingress hacking habit

It is kind of insane when I think about how Ingress invaded my life. Or more specifically, how it has become a part of everyday life. Going someplace new? Better check intel to see if there are any portals near. Waiting for a train with friends? Hold on, I’ll be back in a few minutes. Doing groceries? I need to take a detour to hack a few portals on the way there (and back, obviously).

Some thoughts after reading Mistborn

Finished Mistborn: The Final Empire today. Turned out to be a very good read! Oddly enough, my first encounter with Brandon Sanderson was through Infinity Blade. He wrote a short story connecting and deepening the stories of both Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade II. Though that particular story was a bit rough-and-tumble, the style did get to me (and made the games much more enjoyable to boot). Based on that, I decided to give Mistborn a shot.

And, you know, having my climbing partner constantly pester me about reading the book in-between routes also helped as well…