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Tag: Apple

iOS 11 and WhatsApp Web might drain your battery

After updating my iPhone (in this case an iPhone 6 Plus) to the newly released iOS 11, its battery life got absolutely destroyed. Now the initial hit can be attributed to the OS trying to re-index its files, but the drain just kept going and going during work hours afterwards. Normally when I get home around 8pm, the battery was above 50% charge at the very least. iOS 11 however, killed the battery dead around 4pm. What the hell? Curiously my iPad Air 2 did not suffer from this battery drain and considering I minimized the amount of apps on…

Microsoft’s next design cue

Late last year we reported on Project NEON – the upcoming UI upgrade for Windows 10. Recently we managed a closer look at Microsoft’s internal plans for Project NEON and the future of Windows 10’s UI (user-interface). Right of the bat I don’t want readers to be fooled by those who suggest this is a […] Source: Exclusive: This is Project NEON, the upcoming incremental upgrade for Windows 10’s design – MSPoweruser Now this, this I like. It seems Microsoft is taking some design cues from Apple (most notably Apple Music on iOS, in terms of whitespace and typographic consistency)…

Apple is the new Nintendo

You may get the impression that everything about Apple is negative, but that’s not true. This is not Apple with the engine on fire, this is Apple where they need to recalibrate a few things to get the engine operating smoothly and effectively again. They’re still doing a lot of things right. Source: Apple’s 2016 in review The above quote from Chuq Von Rospach made me realise that Apple is getting close to the business nature of Nintendo. It might not be consciously throwing underpowered hardware at its target audience in the hope of dazzling with innovations and gimmicks, but it’s…

Switching from macOS to Windows 10

This is a curious tale. Mostly because I started with switching over to an Alienware laptop for Virtual Reality purposes. Unfortunately, the HDD within the Alienware makes it horrendously slow for anything but gaming. ‘Luckily’, my Macbook Air decided to throw a fit and permanently disabled the Wi-Fi radio, leaving me with a non-portable work laptop. (In case you are wondering: Wi-Fi dongles are pretty much a no-no on any Mac. They simply lack the necessary drivers to make them work as it’s normally built in. Nobody creating these dongles gives one iota about keeping them updated for newer versions of macOS.)

So now I’m kind of stuck on a Toshiba Satellite. It’s SSD based, which means it’s workable (seriously, just skip HDD laptops, they’re basically obsolete). Actually, I was rather happy with it. Was. As now its Bluetooth radio gave up the ghost. Luckily, that is easy enough to repair with a random Bluetooth dongle. Still, it was an ominous  sign that I’m also back in the Windows mud.  It feels weird to be back.