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Tag: Demon’s Souls

Nioh is an ode to the Soulsborne

It has taken a suspiciously long time before anyone attempted to emulate the success of Demon’s Souls and its offspring the Dark Souls series. Only two years ago did Lords of the Fallen take a somewhat random stab at it (and died). From Software’s own Bloodborne was so similar that it spontaneously generated the “Soulsborne” genre name and wasn’t even regarded as a competitor. Maybe it’s simply too difficult a task to fill From’s shoes. Would be kind of poetic, wouldn’t it?

A tale of blades & Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls must’ve been one of the bigger surprises of 2009 for me. The positive exposure it got just about everywhere was intriguing, but even as I slid it into my PS3, I was expecting it to be somewhere between Monster Hunter Freedom UnitePhantasy Star Universe and grinding a diamond to dust. What I got was basically Bushido Blade in RPG-form.