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Tag: Facebook

Scrubbing my social media accounts

Last week I’ve scrubbed both my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I didn’t really use my Facebook account to start with as it never felt as authentic as Twitter. Ever since the downright crazy Ukraine referendum in the Netherlands, the Brexit referendum in the UK, and the equally nutty US elections however, my enjoyment of Twitter has taken a nosedive as well. Everyone was shouting. I already experienced a miniature version of this months before 2016’s craziness in the form of Gamergate. Being heavily involved in video games and video game culture meant the shouting was already annoying. But in 2016…

Instagram’s not-so-subtle change

Did you notice it? Did you open your Instagram app and declared: “hey, that’s different”? For an app that was predominantly laser focused on mobile photography, it seems Instagram is aggressively trying to innovate and grow by breaking new ground (by, ironically, mimicking other products). To me, that subtle icon change in the navbar wasn’t so subtle. To me it was jarring. Source: On Instagram’s Inverted UX Iceberg Yes, the camera icon was swapped out for a plus sign. Ali rightfully suggests this has been done to be more universal understood by its now immense audience. Another more potent reason brought forward…

My personal workflow changes of 2013

Changing your workflow can be a drag. Many apps and services are waiting to help you organise your life. Adding them clutters up your workflow, rather than streamlining it, causing you to fall back into old habits. The same goes for me unfortunately.

Still, here’s a recap of the notable changes in my workflow this past year (including games) which focused on cutting down, rather than adding.