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The good and bad side of games

For these researchers, incredibly, enjoyment is not the primary reason why we play video games. Enjoyment is not the primary motivation—“it is rather,” they wrote, “the result of satisfaction of basic needs.” Video game worlds provide us with places where we can act with impunity within the game’s reality. And yet, freed of meaningful consequence, law abiders continue to abide the law. The competitive continue to compete. The lonely seek community. Wherever we go, there we will be. Source: How Video Games Satisfy Basic Human Needs – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus Yup, games help you to define yourself and…

Samurai Warriors 4 is a bowl of instant ramen

For many years people have watched Koei’s Warriors series of games and collectively shook their heads at it. So how could Samurai Warriors 4 possibly be fun? Battle after battle fighting against lifeless dumb soldiers while running around a random environment with the occasional similar sounding general uttering nonsensical battle cries.

Are nerds the problem?

Well, this is awkward. Most core gamers know of the Gamergate group, its ties to the alt-right and the sheer indecency and awkwardness it brings along. But here Willie Osterweil actually goes one step further and proposes that the stereotypical nerd is an entitled hero of sorts. An underdog that in the end will get the girl. Osterweil points out films and games that seem to point towards this convergence of knowledgable superiority combined with social awkwardness. The result being a person that wears the concept of social outcast and ‘different than normal’ as a badge of honour, yet at the…

European colonialism as a game setting

Developer Wispfire doesn’t want to keep quiet, deny, or forget the world’s colonial past—it wants you to be a part of it. It wants to simulate experience, and teach you “something about yourself and the world around you,” Witsel said. With (Dutch) colonialism frequently overlooked during my own school time, I find it more than intriguing to find the topic being handled as the setting for a game called Herald. In my opinion, the entire “Zwarte Piet” discussion is a result of the “keep mum about intolerance, to look tolerant” movement that’s been ingrained into Dutch culture, so putting it into…