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Tag: iOS

iOS 11 and WhatsApp Web might drain your battery

After updating my iPhone (in this case an iPhone 6 Plus) to the newly released iOS 11, its battery life got absolutely destroyed. Now the initial hit can be attributed to the OS trying to re-index its files, but the drain just kept going and going during work hours afterwards. Normally when I get home around 8pm, the battery was above 50% charge at the very least. iOS 11 however, killed the battery dead around 4pm. What the hell? Curiously my iPad Air 2 did not suffer from this battery drain and considering I minimized the amount of apps on…

No Mobile Games

It’s odd. I expected to at least be playing something. Casual games and such. The type of games everybody is talking about. But instead I found myself deleting the last games from my HTC Desire last week after noticing I hadn’t touched them for weeks. Suddenly, I had an Android device without games.