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Tag: metroidvania

Metroid: Samus Returns – the alpha and omega of a series

After completing Metroid Prime I summarised the game as, “a good Metroid in 3D, but not a Super Metroid in 3D.” Of course, a Super Metroid in 3D would never happen. Metroid Prime was successful enough for the developers to not mess with the new formula and it culminated in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Effectively that game was “Zelda in Space”. Intricate skill challenges had been replaced with the high-density of instantly solved puzzles, previously Spartan mazes were filled to the brim with triggers and “things to do”, and the overpowered combat aspect was removed to feature more careful aiming…

The Mummy Demastered: metroidvania lives again!

Metroidvania is anything but a dead genre, but this “resurrection” might be a bit on the nose. The Mummy Demastered combines the ancient evil entities of Castlevania with a more modern arsenal of Metroid into one game carrying the IP of a dead “franchise” trying to gain relevancy again. It’s a bit much. Also, who cares, I’ll play it! (Especially after WayForward’s excellent Aliens: Infestation.)

Axiom Verge as part of the Metroid lineage

Axiom Verge has been released for PS4 and with it, Metroidvania is suddenly one of the most talked about genres. Still, it’s not just praise that Axiom verge is harvesting. Having put in a delightful 10 hours so far, I kind of get where everybody is coming from and wrote that down at rllmukforum. Here’s a copy of the text in question explaining how I feel about Axiom Verge within the Metroid legacy.