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Tag: virtual reality

WipEout Omega Collection gains VR mode

I am honestly not sure if this is the greatest or worst thing ever. Sony has just announced a VR mode for WipEout Omega Collection. Which makes sense as about a year ago everybody responded to the original announcement of the game with “why not VR?” Of course, nobody knows what he or she wants. So now we get this souped up Fabergé egg while the elephant in the room is silently handing out barf bags. Really, after the immensely disorienting and literally sickening experience that was/is RIGS, WipEout Omega Collection in VR is going to immediately and ruthless test…

Portfolio • VR Bootcamp

Floris and I are organising a VR Bootcamp in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The concept is rather simple: teach organisations and professionals the knowledge to make actual use of virtual reality, rather than ticking off the checkbox next to the letters V and R. To facilitate promotional materials, I expanded upon the Imaging Mind branding I tweaked last year: There’s some perverse pleasure in giving the people at FreedomLab a proper place in all of this, especially as they were often trying out the headset for the first time. Looking forward to expanding the applications to the bootcamp’s materials!

The frightening future of virtual reality

A few weeks ago I attended the first Dutch VR Meetup at the Rockstart-headquarters in Amsterdam. As the name indicates, the meetup was completely focused on the Oculus Rift and its brethren. Many headsets were present to provide a peek into virtual reality video images and computer generated worlds. Some of them even supported by strange contraptions.