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Tag: WipEout HD

WipEout Omega Collection gains VR mode

I am honestly not sure if this is the greatest or worst thing ever. Sony has just announced a VR mode for WipEout Omega Collection. Which makes sense as about a year ago everybody responded to the original announcement of the game with “why not VR?” Of course, nobody knows what he or she wants. So now we get this souped up Fabergé egg while the elephant in the room is silently handing out barf bags. Really, after the immensely disorienting and literally sickening experience that was/is RIGS, WipEout Omega Collection in VR is going to immediately and ruthless test…

WipEout HD AD

I just downright love WipEout HD. Yet, it suffered some serious neglect after other games were released right after its launch last year. Small wonder then, that when the Fury expansion was announced, I used it a springboard to return to its clean utopian anti-gravity racing tracks. There are multiple reasons why I like the game and oddly enough one of them received quite some flak the last couple of days:advertisements.

Wait, hold on, did I just say I liked advertisements in WipEout?